ABOUT our Seminar series

Classical music is beloved by many, and hearing live performance is the ultimate mode for its appreciation. Yet its transient nature makes fleeting the inexplicable means by which music so affects our thoughts, and transforms feelings.

“FOR THE LOVE OF MUSIC” is a series of performance seminars that examines this potency of musical expression. Musicians openly explore their own responses to what is in the compositions.  By then allowing ourselves to go back and hear it again, working to more fully realize the composer’s intentions, we explore the means by which music communicates, and what it offers us to experience.

In these seminars, a kind of  “master-class for listeners,” musicians share their own insights, knowledge and feelings about making music, and play selections of classical works, revealing their discovery of musical ideas, personal and formal. Listeners are encouraged to ask questions and express individual ideas, with the higher goal of grasping the universality of music as well as its intimate nature.

A colorful array of topics and themes based on composers, styles, special works, and music history will form the framework for developing  greater understanding of music. Live performance will consistently be an integral part of the seminar experience.

The series can be appreciated in whole or in part. Each session provides a window to awareness of the interplay of compositional styles, modalities of expression, and performers’ interpretations, all leading to our love of music.

“We cannot see the musical idea which gave birth to a composition, but our talent and imagination, coupled with constant work, will help reveal it to us individually, for the understanding of everyone.”  (Pablo Casals)

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Frederic Chopin playing inParisian salon, c.1830's

from 2:30pm to 5:00pm

A short refreshment break is provided.
A small library of music books is available to peruse before and after the sessions.

LOCATION: Ivy Hall (held in the Ballroom) – International Institute for Culture

6331 Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19151

EMAIL: info@FineArtMusicCompany.com

WEBSITE:  www.iiCulture.org

COST: $20/general; $15/seniors; students/free  ** Admissions may be paid at the door **

** For further information about our series, call Rollin Wilber at 215-803-9725 or email us at info@FineArtPianoCompany.com