Past Concerts 2010-2013

MAY 18 & JUNE 1, 2013 – “DMITRI SHOSTAKOVICH… in Music & Words”

A special concert-salon devoted to a Russian epoch of artistic strife…                                

December 1, 2012: “A Soiree of BRAHMS AND SCHUMANN, with cello and piano”

“A Soiree of BRAHMS AND SCHUMANN, with cello and piano”, December 1, 2012 – 7:00 PM An evening filled with music drenched in beauty and passion… guest cellist, Michal Schmidt performing with pianist, Rollin Wilber ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~ Held […]

April 22 & 28, 2012: “A LUSZT FOR LISZT… and other Romanzes”

.     (CLICK HERE to see entire program)     . PROSE & POETRY to ready the spirit for spring… . Performed by: Rollin Wilber and Katarzyna Marzec-Salwinski, piano Perry Brisbon, Tenor Elisa Matthews, Soprano . . PIANO MUSIC and SONGS by: Grieg, Faure, Debussy, Argento, and Franz Liszt FEATURING: Liszt’s Three Petrarch Sonnets […]

October 23 & 29, 2011: “A RUSSIAN SALON Of Music and Poetry”

“Милый друг, иль ты не чуешь, Что одно на целом свете – Только то, что сердце к серцу Говорит в немом привете?”   (1892)   —   VLADIMIR SOLOVYOV “Dear friend, don’t you sense the thing That matters most in the world Is what one heart whispers to another In a quiet welcome?” “A RUSSIAN SALON Of […]

November 19 & 21, 2010: “AN EVENING WITH SAMUEL BARBER (1910-1981)”

. From the composer who gave mankind his remarkable “ADAGIO FOR STRINGS”, come experience other gorgeous intonations that charm and haunt, in – . AN EVENING WITH SAMUEL BARBER (1910-1981) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Live performance with insights into this great American composer and his world-renowned music Hosted and Performed by Pianists, Katarzyna Marzec and Rollin Wilber with guest […]

June 4 &12, 2010: “The 200th BIRTHDAY of the GREAT and TRAGIC ROBERT SCHUMANN”

. TELLING A STORY OF GREAT LOVE AND COMPASSION between Robert and Clara Schumann, and Johannes Brahms. ~ ~ ~ performed by pianists: Katarzyna Marzec-Salwinski Rollin Wilber featured music: Sonata in F# minor, by Robert Schumann Scherzo in E-flat minor, by Johannes Brahms Romance, by Clara Schumann Andante & Variations (for two pianos), by Robert […]

February 27 & March 27, 2010: “THE 200TH BIRTHDAY OF THE GREAT FREDERIC CHOPIN”

. This salon concert will be in THREE PARTS, conversing about Chopin and his musical works: part 1 – Chopin’s early life and music part 2 – Chopin thriving in Paris part 3 – Chopin’s last years performed by: TATYANA RASHKOVSKY, mezzo-soprano ASHLEY OPALKA, soprano KATARZYNA MARZEC-SALWINSKI, pianist ROLLIN WILBER, pianist _____________________________________ and the lighting […]


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