2018-2019 Music Season

May 18 & 19, 2019: AFTERMATH – NEW HORIZONS (“War of the Romantics” series)

BUY TICKETS NOW  ~ Aftermath to War of the Romantics: NEW HORIZONS ~  ~ MUSIC BY: Claude Debussy Arnold Schoenberg Alexander Scriabin Karol Szymanowski Richard Strauss Maurice Ravel Igor Stravinsky Sergei Rachmaninoff and Franz Liszt ~ This is the final concert of our “War of the Romantics” series, which has explored the intense disagreement over the […]

March 30 & 31, 2019: “WAR OF THE ROMANTICS, PART 2”

BUY TICKETS NOW * War of the Romantics: Part Two BATTLE! MIND OVER MUSIC for piano, string quartet and narration * * * PERFORMED BY Katarzyna Salwinski, piano Rollin Wilber, piano Min-Young Kim, violin Samuel Nebyu, violin Timothy Schwarz, viola Michal Schmidt, cello with guest artists: Robert Edwin, portraying the role of Gerhard Denhoff Joseph […]

January 26 & 27, 2019: “WAR OF THE ROMANTICS, PART 1”

BUY TICKETS NOW * THE WAR OF THE ROMANTICS PART ONE “Musical Raptures” An inside look at the dizzying heights of romanticism with violin, viola piano solo, piano four-hand and narrator  * In a two-part theatrical concert event, we set the stage with “Part One” of a dramatic narrative that occurred in the world of […]

October 27 & 28, 2018: PROLOGUE – BAROQUE AFFECTIONS (“War of the Romantics” series)

BUY TICKETS NOW * A CANDLELIGHT CONCERT Music for Flute, Viola and Violin, Piano and Harpsichord  “BAROQUE AFFECTIONS” – a prologue to our season’s theme about “The War of the Romantics” PERFORMED BY Elivi Varga, flute Adelya Shagidullina, violin and viola Katarzyna Salwinski, piano and harpsichord Rollin Wilber, piano This intimate musicale acts as a […]


~~~ A MUSIC SEASON CONNECTED THROUGH GREAT WORKS, IDEAS AND MUSIC HISTORY ITSELF Our 2018-2019 concert season theme focuses on the evolution of classical music from Baroque times through to the 20th century. It touches on aspects about the meaning of music, and frames this years’s musical events which culminate in an epoch dubbed THE WAR OF […]


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