MARY MOSER, violinist

MARY MOSER, violinist


Mary Moser, received Her Bachelor of Music in Performance from the University of the Pacific, and her Master of Music in Performance and Pedagogy from Arizona State University. She has taught at numerous schools, including Westminster College (PA), Duquesne University’s City Music Center (Suzuki Division), Music School of Delaware (Wilmington), Carnegie Mellon University, and Arizona State University.

She has performed in festivals (Rome Festival in Rome, Italy; Tanglewood in Lennox, Massachusetts; Aspen Summer Music Festival in Aspen, Colorado); was a founding member of the ASU Herberger Graduate String Quartet; and played with many orchestras and ensembles, including the Bay-Atlantic Symphony (New Jersey), Roanoke Symphony (Virginia), Erie Philharmonic, Wheeling Symphony, Youngstown Symphony, Westmoreland Symphony, Academy Orchestra, Pittsburgh Opera, and the Arizona State University New Music Ensemble.

She presently teaches violin to students of all ages using the Suzuki method. “Learning the violin is a noble and enjoyable desire, but through the discipline of learning the violin, I desire to teach skills that will positively affect students in many other areas of life and learning.” She has taught taught students as young as three, and as mature as 70, for more than 20 years. She has studied in the Paul Roland method and Music Learning Theory of Dr. Gordon, learning experiences which have helped to shape her ‘understanding of the almost limitless abilities of children to master whatever is presented to them when presented properly.’

The mother of three wonderful young musicians, she adds, “I love working with children and I have dedicated myself to the instruction and development of students of all ages.”

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